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Basically everyone can benefit from learning and practicing Tantra and from receiving Tantric Massage sessions.  These usually pique the interest of those looking for: personal growth and a higher spiritual awareness, to gain a more pleasurable sex life, and/or have a deeper intimacy with their partner.  But, there are many health benefits most do not realize can be achieved from practicing Tantra or receiving a Tantric Massage.

Some of the conditions that have shown to benefit from for Tantra and Tantric Massage are; ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Auto-Immune Disorders, Breast Lumps, Digestive Problems, Depression, Endometriosis, Fatigue, Hormone Imbalances, Infertility, Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Low Back Pain, Low Sex Drive, Migraines, Miscarriages, Ovarian Cyst, Painful Intercourse, Painful Periods, PMS, Poor Immune, Pre-Cervical Cancer, Stress related problems and excessive Stress, Uterine Fibroids, Vaginal Dryness and many more.  There are also a lot of Anti-Aging benefits and effect from Tantric Massage sessions and practicing Tantra.

The reason it can help all those conditions and others is because they are all caused from blockages and energy imbalances.  Traditional Chinese Medicine states that there are only two things that cause pain in the body.

They are a blockage of the flow of blood or a blockage of the flow of energy.  It also states that the only reasons for any disease in the body are blockages of blood or energy, or deficiency of blood or energy.

Tantra focuses on building blood and energy through deep breathing, meditation and intent, and releases blockages through movement, yoga, massage and many other techniques.  Another main focus of Tantra and Tantric Massage is to build and build the sexual energy (which is a very raw and powerful energy) and release it up through the spine and to fill the entire body and every cell.

This alone builds energy and blood in the body and blast through blockages.  Of course Tantra cannot be a “heal all” completely by itself.

Tantra teaches us to enjoy the pleasures of fresh foods, regular exercise and stretching, relaxation exercises and simply enjoy life and its pleasures to the fullest.  I personally have had much success treating all of the conditions listed above and many more.  Although you will feel an incredible difference with just one session, serious and chronic conditions may take several sessions and doing breathing exercise, mediation, stretching or other techniques on your own in between sessions.  There is no exact number of treatments for any certain condition.

Everyone is different and the reasons their bodies are out of balance vary.  If anyone says they can treat something in this many session they are not being honest.  Like I said earlier you will need to make your health a priority and at least something on your own to improve your health.

Whether that is just learning to relax more, move more, eliminate stress, take a yoga class or whatever, you will have to play an active part in your health and well being.  So any progress will depend on what caused the imbalance(s), are you still experiencing those causes, how easily you can let go of stress and blockages or even just “let go”, what are you doing to help or hinder your progress and yes how often or consistance you you receive treatment.  Some times are easy to work with and you gain progess quickly.  I have one client who had been trying to get pregnant for over a year.  I worked with her once a week and she became pregnant on the 6th week of working with her.

You don’t have to have a physical imbalance or condition to receive a Tantric Massage.  It can also assist in spiritual / personal growth,  to just receive pleasure, enhance sexual experiences, become more open sexually, or to find that balance of sometimes just receiving with no expectation of giving. We were meant to be free uninhibited beings.

Unfortunately most of us are stressed to the max.  Many religions and Western society tell us we should feel guilty, shameful and fearful of almost everything.  We are taught that our bodies are bad, dirty and must be kept private.  Sex is only for reproduction and it’s bad to just enjoy physical pleasure.  Along with many other beliefs and burdens that have been placed on us over this last century, it is no wonder we are more ill and unhappy then we have ever been in history.

Every year the percentages of people expected to get cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses increase at a rate like never before.  Think about it.  Even when life was much harder and the general population was malnourished there was far less serious and fatal diseases.  One of the main reasons is because sex and physical pleasure wasn’t hidden and no one was ashamed of it.

It was a natural human experience.  Our bodies would not be designed to experience so much pleasure if it was something bad (and let me tell you we haven’t even scratched the surface on how much pleasure we can experience).  I’m sorry but I really do not feel God would create our bodies in a way that we are able to experience so much pleasure and then tell us it is bad to experience such pleasures.

If we were meant to only have sex for reproduction then we would be like animals and only be sexually aroused when the female was fertile.  Also why would there be so many positive health benefits?  It is proven that sexual pleasure has many positive health benefits mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It doesn’t make sense that there is such a negative mind set towards physical pleasure.  Would you give your kids something that brought them great joy and health and then tell them it was something that was bad and to be ashamed of experiencing? I see God as unconditional love, light, peace and joy.  So it doesn’t make sense that we have to suffer, be poor and unhappy to be closer to God.  It is actually the opposite.  We can only get closer to God when we are vibrating at the same frequency as God and living our lives with unconditional love, peace and joy. If you want to be closer to God then you have to be like God.  That is what Tantra is all about.  Once we can accept that concept it is life changing for the positive and our health and lives can only get better.