Power of touch and sensual massage

Power of touch during a sensual massage   

Ladies, sorry it’s been a while I’ve not posted! I’ve been away for a year or so giving seminars on Tantra and Sensual massages around the world.

So today I want to talk about the power of touch and how healing it can be. We all crave to be touched, pleasured, given warmth and comfort, if this is not received, it can cause anxiety, anger, depression and much more. These days people are becoming distant and lost in their own worlds and forgetting time for themselves.

Healing internally is really food for your body. Your internal organs need warmth, cuddles and positive vibrations through reiki and massage. Channeling that energy through is such an amazing experience.

It all starts with relaxing the muscles, tendons, mind and just switching off through guided meditation and strokes. The second phase is a smooth and gentle touch throughout the body sensitising it and light touching to tingle your senses, for many ladies this is really pleasurable and some don’t like it so I always ensure I communicate throughout the process.

Tantric breathing and exhaling is key to your releasing of negativity. The more you express, the more you will benefit from the treatment. Massage is then done lightly to free up blockages and then all zones are worked on including sensitive areas purely to release energy and provide a pleasant experience. We do not use the word orgasm in Tantra, if one feels that it is only a byproduct of the treatment and not the goal.

How does that sound? Get in touch for more information and I’m always around for a chat.

Speak soon

Love and light.