Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

One’s greatest life purpose is to find an inspirational way to attain liberation and enlightenment through Dharma, training of the mind. ~P. Du Soleil

Tantric Massage This is a form of very sensual whole body massage, which is intended to stimulate the rise of Kundalini energy for emotional or physical healing. It may lead to spiritual enlightenment. Practiced between consenting adults, it may help foster intimacy and sense of trust. However, it frequently results in a male or female physical release, which is seen as an end in itself. Licensed massage therapists are prohibited from providing sexual services by codes of ethics and state licensing boards.

In traditional tantra is the practice of mental, energetic and physical exercises to open the chakras to allow the Kundalini energy to flow up from the base chakra to the crown chakra, resulting in a spiritual union of the individual with cosmic conciousness. However, tantric yoga is heavily marketed by many as a couples relationship therapy at best and as a highly erotic physical experience for men and women by the adult video purveyors at its worst.


Our mission is to teach you how to surrender to your truth and authentic self. I teach you how to master every aspect of your life, to be free and awaken to your physical, emotional and sexual wholeness. Learn how to emerge from the suffering and re-assert your identity. The feminine and masculine are one with love, present in us all

My heartfelt intention is teach you how to liberate your feelings in action and release the control that blocks your ability to reach your full potential. My aim to liberate the mystique of orgasm and honor this blessing with fullness. Then, you are able to receive life’s rich rewards in every moment.

LOTUS BLISS FULL BODY MASSAGE. Embrace the feminine within yourself, explore, and learn about your body in Goddess-inspired surroundings. Receive relaxation and sweet pleasures in body, mind, and spirit. Join me in a brief meditation and Goddess intention setting. Then, we move into out massage, being a blend of Swedish/Esalen and Lomi Lomi massage, sensual touch, and light feather touch. In this session, your body is honored as you are reminded of your beauty and connection to the Goddess. Session includes candlelight, scented oils, soft music, and loving, feminine touch. Available in a 2 hour session.

The Tantric Massage is purely performed to open your senses and this is not a sexual service.

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