Tantric Yoga & Sex Coaching

Tantric Yoga & Sex Coaching

“ If you cannot face directly your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality ”

White Tigress Manual

All services are for women only.

SEX COACHING: Tantric/Taoist Sexercise Training teaches you how to Control Orgasms, Increase Arousal, Prolong lovemaking, Build Stamina, Heighten Pleasure, Experience Multiple Orgasms.

I also use Kriya Tantra Yoga, with Bandhas (energy locks) to control the movement of pranic (breath) energy.

ENERGY & BREATH WORK: Orgasmic Breath Process is a potent purification breath practice to open your energy pathways and access your FULL ORGASMIC POTENTIAL.

TANTRIC BREATH PRACTICES: This practice helps harmonize your energy with a partner.

YOGIC BREATHS: Such breathing transmutes your energy, letting you last for hours and savor the continual rejuvenating effects from the energy conservation.

SACRED HEALING RITUALS: These rituals are offered in reverence in the safe, sacred space I have lovingly created for you.

Yoni (female genitalia) & G-Spot massage/Healing Ritual for Women

TANTRIC TRAINING FOR COUPLES: This 2-hour session uses Tantric practices to awaken and harmonize sexual and spiritual energies in a sensual, respectful environment. You will learn to:

  • Better communicate to deepen intimacy
  • Connect the sex and heart chakras (energy centers)
  • Create a sacred space for your lovemaking
  • Harmonize your energy with your partner
  • Transmute your sexual energy, so you can last longer and embrace your full orgasmic potential.

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