Tantra For Women

Tantric massage offers women the opportunity to safely explore the sexuality of their whole body through exquisite touch. The goal is enjoyment and pleasure rather than focusing on a specific destination. When you really own your own sensuality, it creates incredible confidence and you can enjoy life more fully. Don’t wait for a partner to awaken you sensually. Set yourself up for a life of sexual pleasure!

Most of us have not escaped living with sexual shame in one form or another. This can come from our upbringing, previous negative experiences and society in general. Today we live in a highly sexualised culture which is not, however, based on body self acceptance and self love. In a recent survey of 300 women, 97% of women admitted at least one daily ‘hate my body’ moment with the average being 13 negative thoughts daily. As Psychologist Ann Kearney Cook explains:

‘We train ourselves to thinking negatively; neuroscience has shown whatever you focus on shapes your brain. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts about your body, that neural pathway becomes stronger’.

In a sense, this is good news for tantra – we can change this! My work is to facilitate a deeper connection with and self acceptance of your body and to really appreciate the benefits of learning to totally receive – through training. Using tantric breath work and techniques from ‘sensate focus’ together we can deepen your experience of embodiment and expand your awareness of subtle and erotic bodily sensations. Through tantric breath work you can gradually break away from cluttered thoughts and ‘living in your head’ to become more fully aware of the sensations in your body and its erotic flow of energy. The point of ‘sensate focus’ is to notice when the mind wanders and to bring it back to the sense of touch, when you are fully aware, fully in the moment. Sensate focus can enlarge one’s understanding of sex, so that it really involves the whole body rather than just the erogenous zones. My tantric bodywork sessions are not genitally focused. However, genital massage given by a caring skilled professional can be a very liberating and erotically pleasurable experience. Through more ‘mindful masturbation’ you can really focus on all the physical sensations in the body rather than disassociating through fantasy.