Tantric Yoni Massage Leicester, Birmingham, Derby

There are many people offering a range of massages, but are they really qualified to do so? We have genuine qualifications from Germany and India fully focused on the art of Tantra and massage.

So what does a Yoni massage include?

The first step is to calm the body, senses and centre your mind. Our approach is totally different to what you will see elsewhere. We believe for you to receive the maximum benefit of this tantric massage treatment, you need to be fully relaxed and balanced.

For this we first of all start with lighting candles, incense and calming music to slowly awaken the chakras and create a state of ambience and calm. Reiki therapy in this treatment lasts for around 15-20 mins.

Then we give the option of a head massage or a foot massage depending on the clients requirements. This part of the therapy is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable.

After this, a full body massage is given, this is not a flimsy touch poke and prod massage. This is an authentic traditional massage using tantric techniques and breathing.

Yoni massage is where your masseuse makes you feel at one with your sexual self. Every inch of the pelvic area is delicately massaged. Non-stop. You don’t do anything to the masseuse. Nor does she (or he) want you to. This is your time to receive without need to return anything.  That’s why Yoni Combo massage is the perfect gift for the woman who is always giving.

Give it a try and watch your inner beauty grow and grow

Love and light