First timers? What is a Yoni Tantric Massage, Sensual Massage?

Hi all,

Hoping you are all well. Just a quick article that I’ve been meaning to write for a while for ladies on the health benefits of a tantric yoni massage.

What does Yoni mean?

Well it is a Sanskrit word which literally means vagina or womb. It is the symbol of the Goddess Shakti in Hinduism. It is counted as a very sacred area.

What are the benefits? How does this work?

Many clients ask me how the ritual works and how is a Yoni Tantric massage beneficial? You may or may not know that the Yoni has many areas that help to heal the rest of the body, how you may ask? There are thousands of nervendings which if stimulated properly with correct technique can help heal areas such as heart and lungs, pancreas, liver and kidneys! Wow, all of those internal organs get a massage through the yoni, isn’t that just amazing?

Ladies, have you ever felt down, or a mix of emotions, like a rollercoaster? What do you do? Some ladies eat chocolate, workout or masturbate, they all release happy endorphines. These are only a temporary fix as they make you feel happy for a short while. A Tantric massage is full of goodness which release way more than just endorphines, it unlocks your inner energy and activates chakras that you never knew had that power within them.

Massaging all erogenous zones is a powerful and pleasurable experience. This is not a sexual service or done for sex, Tantra has been mis-communicated around the world to be “an easy system to jack someone off”. This is very insulting and we are definitely not practitioners of such activities.

Your body is amazing, inside and out. At Yogastamina, you will not be judged on looks, caste or anything else! This is a temple to help to heal you and find inner beauty come to life. A sensual massage, tantric massage in Leicester or areas around the UK is the perfect way to help you through that journey.

Is this your first time?

There is nothing to worry about, all ladies feel anxious, nervous or a little shy at first. This is perfectly natural and shows your caring, compassionate nature. This is not anything to be afraid of or even a blocker to experience this natural gift that you have within you. So ladies, feel free to get in touch with me to ask any questions that you may have.

I always try my best to answer all questions to my best ability. This is your zone! Don’t let anyone come between you and the eternal. The power of tantra will help unlock your blockages in life and in general keep you level headed, balanced and moreover satisfied. This is a start of something really special.

Hope to hear from you all soon

Love and Light

Jay xx